Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I went over the beginning pages in the Vol I book regarding the RIP version 1 protocol. There are some interesting things that should be noted about version 1 compared to version 2. I'll list what I remember:

1. Version 1 is a classful protocol rather than a classless protocol.
2. Since it's classful RIPv1 can become problematic when running the protocol over a discontiguous network.
3.RIPv1 pass the entire network class that it knows about when advertising routes rather than the specific subnet unless the subnet is directly connected. Again this points back to numero uno.
4. The only subnets it will list in the routing table are the subnets that's directly connected to the router.
5. RIPv1 assume any subnets that it knows about will be the same subnet size throughout the entire network. Variable subnetted networks could easily cause a lot of problems.

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