Sunday, December 9, 2012

CUCM LDAP Synchronization Tip

  I finished chapter 4 in the CIPT 1 book along with creating a few labs to go with it. I was stuck with getting LDAP to synch with my domain controller that had Active Directory. For some reason it wouldn't save my settings due to authentication issues. After viewing I noticed that the username had @domainname while my username didn't have this info. Once I added this portion LDAP synched and life was good.

Next up is chapter 5 and I still have a few more chapters to go until I finally register a phone!

P.S. Never hit the undo button in Google Blog, it deletes your entire post and there's no way to go back that I know of. Especially since it auto saves ever 2 seconds which can make things even more useless... Super Frustrating