Friday, March 2, 2012

Failed a Certification Test for the First Time Ever

Well long story short, I had my CVoice test scheduled for today and I failed miserably by almost 100 points. I needed a 790 out of 1000 to pass and I only managed a 694. When it came down to it, I wasn't prepared for the questions that were going to be asked on the exam. The material I was using to study wasn't adequate enough to get me through. The thing is that there isn't much material for the CCNP: Voice to begin with so I'm not sure what else to do besides go through the book again and schedule a retake for some time in the near future. My hands on is where it needs to be but my theory isn't.

You have to know ALL of the mathematical formulas, how to convert DSCP to decimal, Make sure you have a very good understanding of QoS (Specific QoS books), and find some outside material to understand CUBE more if you don't work with it. This was an expensive mistake, I'm pretty down right now, I'm going to go through the material and focus on the areas I did horrible on and go from there. The practice exam questions I was using from Cisco's learning network website and the official book aren't nearly as difficult as the exam.