Sunday, July 3, 2011

RIPv1 TCP/IP Vol I Config Exercises

Today's lab involved RIPv1, 6 routers, 2 switches, and 4 configuration tasks. All together the lab was around an hour. The first part was to simply configure the network for RIPv1, simple enough. It's nice not having to mess with static routes all over the place! The next task was make the serial link between RTC and RTD send unicast updates rather than broadcasts. I did this by configuring the serial interfaces as passive along with setting up RTC/RTD with neighbor commands.

Next up was too change how often RTC and RTD sent each other updates, this was done with the timer basic command. I picked some random timers and used the ? command to help me a little. I set this across the board on all 6 routers because from what I understand the timers have to be universal across the network in order to work., someone correct me if I'm wrong though. The last task was to prevent RTA from talking to the network and RTB from talking to the network. I used an access-list and the off-set command. I told both routers that on any incoming RIP update for the particular network listed in their access-list, set the hop count to 16 or invalid. 16 hops is considered an invalid/infinite route with RIP.

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