Monday, June 20, 2011

TCP/IP Vol I Config Exercises 3-14

I ran through the second configuration exercise in the TCP/IP Vol I book on chapter 3 this evening. For this lab there was a requirement to configure static routes on all routers with redundancy between each routers next-hop router. At first I thought that a floating static route would solve the issue but what I forgot is that none of the other routers would have a clue if a link went down since there wasn't a dynamic routing protocol involved. I simply took the floating static route out along with the AD (Administrative Distance) and added it back in without the AD. Now each router had a redundant route to each far end network and was load balanced using IP CEF. This solved my issue for the most part but I bet there are some ways that the packet can still not route correctly but I haven't dove to deep in all the possibilities.

The above picture shows router RTD with a path to RTB's far end network /24 going through either RTA or RTC. RTA link is down due to a fiber cut so RTD took the route out of it's RIB and forwarded it towards RTC instead.

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