Thursday, June 23, 2011

TCP/IP Vol I Troubleshooting Exercises Chapter 3

This evening I briefly ran through some of the static route configuration exercises. I've been swamped at work lately, working 10-12 hour days seems to be the norm lately. I'm not progressing through this book as fast as I like because of being drained by the time I get home. We will be opening a new remote site soon so I'll be even busier, not to mention we're still knocking out the kinks from upgrading our entire Cisco phone system from version 6/7 to 8.5. There's a weird call transfer issue going on when internal users transfers a caller to another user through UCCX.

Basically a caller will call Internal User A, Internal User A will then put the caller on hold, dial a different UCCX CSQ Trigger (CTI Route Point) which then goes through a queue and then to Internal User B via a random CTI Port. Internal User A then attempts to transfer Internal User B but from the reports I receive about 85% of the time Internal User B receives a fast busy when Internal User A hits the transfer button on their phone. Any suggestions lol?

Quick Tip of the day, For those who have the same amount of trouble as me with stack switches booting in the right order. The easiest way is to boot the first switch you want as master completely, then connect the stack cable to the switch(switches) you want to be clients and power them on. Make sure that IOS MATCHES otherwise you'll more than likely run into version mismatch errors like no tomorrow.

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