Saturday, November 28, 2009

Static Route and ODR Overview

Well today was my first real study session on CCNP, from the get go I could tell there is a higher level understanding needed if I'm going to pass this certification. The BSCI goes a lot deeper into routing than anything I've came across so far and just through the first few pages I already set up a few labs pertaining to the information I was reading. I went through setting up a simple static router network which was easy enough followed by setting up a static default lab which wasn't bad at all either. I then finished up by learning and creating a lab for On-Demand Routing (ODR) which is really a Cisco Prioperty way of setting up a cisco network by using CDP rather than a true Dynamic Routing Protocol or setting up Static Routes. All in all not to bad, I didn't get as much as I wanted done today because I came down with a cold and I'm sitting here hoping it doesn't turn into a fever or the flu. Tomorrow I am going to go over some RIP topics and labs which shouldn't be too bad hopefully but we'll see!

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