Thursday, November 5, 2009

Extended ACL CCNA Lab Review

This morning I created my own little Extended ACL Lab, mainly because the examples given weren't possible to create exactly in GNS3, well at least not without creating Virtual Machines and things of that sort (saving that for CCNP). The lab went fairly well I knew what I needed to do and how to go about doing it without needing to reference the Cisco book. Since I was creating the lab in my head on the fly I made a lot of silly mistakes however since I didn't really document or check my work. This ended up taking me twice as long because I kept having to go back change my config for simple things such as denying the wrong IP subnet in my access list or applying the access list to the wrong interface. Tomorrow I plan on reviewing ACL administration and then moving on to the next chapter in the CCNA book!

I attached an image that shows the access list I created for this lab. Basically I wanted to block subnet on the Mumbai_Backup Router from reaching the HewittInternet Routers address I also wanted to block subnet on the Mumbai_Back Router from reaching the other HewittInternet address of I accomplished both goals while allowing all other IP's to reach all other locations in this network topology.

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