Friday, November 27, 2009

SDM Setup Through GNS3

I spent the past two days trying to setup SDM on a router on GNS3 but after several attempts I wasn't successful. I finally decided to use a real 3600 router at our NOC thinking that it was an issue with the GNS3 IOS's I was using (which it was). Before I began the upgrade I noticed that the router IOS version I was using was 12.2 and I needed at least the 12.4 version so I spent quite a bit of time scavenging cables, tftp software, and even a switch (didn't have a cross-over cable). FInally after I upgraded the IOS I noticed that one of the commands I needed to run on that router wouldn't work (ip http secure-server)! So finally I scratched using the real router idea and went back to square one. I ended up using the more appropriate 12.4 IOS I downloaded on my machine for GNS3 and sure enough everything installed. When I finally went to connect to my router through SDM I ran into one last little snag which was the Java applet itself. I would enter my credentials to log in but not much else would happen. After updating to the latest and greatest version everything came right up! Good experience all around just to at least say I know how to install SDM if needed and know what to look out for in the future.

I started and finsihed what I am sure the shortest and easiest CCNP chapter as well. I went through Chapter 1 which basically goes briefly into network design and some processes to think about and implement when trying to build a completely converged network with data, voice, video, security, and etc. all running on one network. It was a good read but now to get into the meat and potatoes of network engineering finally!

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