Friday, November 6, 2009

Frame/ACL CCNA Review Lab

Today was a pretty eventful day, it took me FOREVER to get the Frame Relay Toplogy working correctly. What I've learned when using GNS3 to create a fram relay lab is that if you make a simple mistake on the Frame Relay Switch you need to delete the physical serial connections on the routers to the switch and re-connect them once you corrected your changes on the FR Switch. I setup the R1 router with frame along with R2 and they could ping each other fine. However when i configured the R3 router I couldn't ping the R1 router. After double checking my configs I realized on the FR Switch that I had the phyisical serial connections for the DLCI's set incorrectly. I changed this and I tripled and qaudrupled checked that everything was configured correctly. Even after this I STILL couldn't reach R1 from R3!

So I decided to run the show Frame-Relay PVC command on both R1 and R3 which shows the currently active and inactive DLCI's on the router. That's when I noticed that the DLCI's related to R3 on both routers were showing up as deleted! Which was really strange I've never seen this before. After doing some research it turns out that this usually points to an issue on an ISP's FR Switch. After triple checking my FR Switch I knew everything was setup perfectly. I had one last ditch effort which was to delete the actual Router serial connections and reconnect them. I did this, restarted the router devices, and voila...the routers came right up! I finished configuring R4 and throwing EIGRP into the mix and this lil network was ready to go. I actually didn't get to the ACL portion of this lab due to spending so much time just getting the thing setup, but tomorrow I plan on finishing this lab and starting chapter 8 on CCNA Routing Theories!

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