Friday, November 13, 2009

EIGRP CCNA Theory Review

Today I started with going ahead and labbing out a multi area OSPF scenario without using ANY type of books for reference. Everything went surprisingly smooth without any hiccups, I was able to confirm that the two routers in both area o and 1 was working along with one router being inside area 1 completly. After that I spent a few hours reviewing EIGRP Routing theory at the CCNA level of things. I really focused my efforts on how EIGRP calculates its routing metrics and how it converges using RD's (Reported Distances) to determine if it could be used as a feasible succesor route to a certain network. Tomorrow I begin my 3 day work week but I'm working the weekend schedule again so I'll be bringing in my PC from home and studying throughout the day since I should have some downtime.

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