Sunday, November 22, 2009

Connecting GNS3 to the Outside World!

Well I knew the time was coming to learn how to connect GNS3 to the outside world aka the internet or at least my computer. The reason for this is that for the CCNP BCMSN (Switching) exam, I could use GNS3 for my router devices and all I would have to do is buy a few switches and I would have a full BCMSN lab! Setting everything up in GNS3 to connect to the internet was just as hard as I expected it to be. I spent the better part of 5-6 hours troubleshooting and following video examples to get everything working. I didn't want to connect to the internet for now, I just wanted to be able to telnet from my PC to a GNS3 router.

To do this I had to create a loop back network card on my computer and set it up with an IP address. Next I had to setup GNS3 with a switch and a cloud that pointed to my loopback device. In retrospect I'm betting I could skip using a switch but hey I was just following instructions. Last but not least I had to configure my GNS3 routers with IP addresses on the respective interfaces that connected to that cloud and then I was good to go! As you see in the attached picture, I also setup Putty for telnetting and configuring routers from here on out.

Yesterday I actually went through the VPN chapter of the Cisco ICND2 book along with reading through the NAT Theory portion in this book. I'm going to hopefully finish up today with configuring some NAT Labs and then it'll only be 1 chapter left befor I offically begin the CCNP!

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