Sunday, November 8, 2009

CCNA Routing Protocol Theory Review

This morning I went through most of Chapter 8 in the CCNA ICND2 book regarding routing protocol theory. This was a really good refresher on how distance-vector works in regards to convergence and why it takes so long to converge. Due to Distant-Vector protocols being overly simple, it's very easy to cause routing loops. The only way to really deal with these routing loops with distance-vector is to use very long drawn out mechanisms such a Hold-Down timer that can take as long as 3 minutes before the inter-network can converge! I'm going to go over the rest of the chapter here shortly which reviews CCNA link-state routing theories. There isn't much to lab for this chapter but I will be doing a lot of labbing on the next chapter which is regarding the OSPF protocol.

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