Thursday, November 19, 2009

CCNA Partially Meshed Frame Relay Network Lab

Today I polished off the rest of my CCNA Frame-Relay review by completing the Partially Meshed Frame Relay Network Lab. All in all I think I finally have my head wrapped around most of the CCNA Frame-Relay concepts and I'm ready to move on to the last few chapters of my CCNA material! A partially meshed frame network is a Frame-Relay network in which some sites are fully meshed while others are only point-to-points. The thing that could trip you up the most is making sure you have all your PVC's configured correctly and that you configure the right type of interfaces for the right type of VC connections. Not to bad of a lab without to many hiccups besides my Router E I forgot to no shut the physical S0/0 interface but once I did that everything came right up. I used EIGRP for my routing call which seems to work fairly well with this type of network.


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