Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lab Portfolio Case Study 1

It took a while but I was able to finally finish the first case study presented in the CCNP Lab Portfolio book. I was rusty on a few topics but I was able to complete the following:

1. Enable EIGRP 1
2. Summarize the 5 loop back address on R2 (not presented in above image)
3. Inject a default route into the EIGRP network pointing towards R3
4. Configure OSPF between R3 and R4
5. Redistribute OSPF into the EIGRP network
6. Inject a default route into the OSPF network pointing towards R3
7. Configure DHCP on the R2 router in order for R3 to gain an IP address on its LAN (Fast Ethernet) interface.

All in all not to bad and it allowed me to brush up on the topics that I always forget! I'm digging pretty deep into my voice studies already. This morning I read through a lengthy overview on the history of Call Manager and VoIP in general. I'll probably finish that up by going through some white papers on IPCC along with the network warrior book.

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