Friday, June 4, 2010

IPv6 Challenge Lab

I finished today's lab which was a challenge lab, which basically makes you configure the network without any instructions besides IP configuration information. I was able to complete all required tasks successfully which included:

1.Enabling IPv6 EUI-64 between the R3 and R4 routers 2.Enabling EIGRP without auto summarization 3.Creating a manual IPv6 tunnel between the R1 and R3 router 4. Enabling OSPFv3 on all routers using IPv6 (R1,R3,R4)

While I'm about finished with the portfolio book, I'm about to dig even deeper into voice shortly, especially IPCC for my new job. I also picked up the network warrior book and reallly wished I would of had this a year ago, it gives some very good information how a live network operates and what happens in the real world instead of just topics you see on the CCNA.

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