Sunday, June 20, 2010

Creating GRE Tunnels

Today was a pretty simple lab, I went through the configuration of GRE Tunnels between two different remote locations. GRE configuration is very simple and consists of the following commands on both device:

1. Create the logical tunnel interface on both remote devices:

interface tunnel X

2. Assign an IP address to the tunnel interface:
ip address X.X.X.X subnet mask

3. Point the tunnel towards the source interface:

tunnel source interface

4. Point the tunnel towards the destination interface:
tunnel destination X.X.X.X (remote device ip)

One thing to note when creating tunnels is that the remote destination must be in the routers ip table. That's about it though, you should see your tunnels come right up once everything is configured on both ends. Remember that GRE tunnels are unencrypted so it's best to route the tunnels through some type of security device such as an ASA or even a dedicated VPN concentrator.

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