Monday, May 24, 2010

Using IPv6 Tunnels

Today's study session consisted of creating a Ipv6 Tunnel connection between two routers. OSPF IPv6 was also configured for the loopback interfaces on routers R1 and R3 to talk to each other. This lab was fairly straightforeward and allowed for me to play around with tunnel interfaces a little bit. I come across tunnel interfaces quite a bit in my current job role so it was good getting some practice in with configuring them even if they were IPv6 tunnels which aren't to common yet in most networks! My next IPv6 lab will be on configuring 6 to 4 tunnels which is a tunnel that allows you to encapsulate IPv6 address into a IPv4 packet to traverse over a network. This is particularly useful in networks that haven't migrated to IPv6 completely yet (which is most networks).

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