Saturday, May 22, 2010

Multilinks Revisted

So I wasn't able to work through one of my CCNP Portfolio labs this morning so I subsituted with something I deal with commonly..multilinks. I've posted on this topic before and it's really straight forward to configure. Basically your load-balancing data across all of your T1 links in a simple but effective manner. You do this through the use of the PPP protocol and a logical interface called a Multilink (go figure). Say you have a business that wants to use 3 Mb of data rather than the standard 1.5 Mb, you can take their 2 serial interfaces and bundle them into one with two simple commands:

ppp multilink
ppp multilink group

You also have to create the multilink interface and assign the multilink the designate IP address as shown above. Thanks to GNS3-labs and Evil Routers for today's lab.

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