Sunday, May 23, 2010

Configuring OSPF for IPv6

I'm finally on the last chapter in the CCNP Portfolio book which covers IPv6 topics. Today's lab was dealt with configuring the many types of IPv6 address (link-local, EUI-64, etc). The lab ended with configuring OSPF over IPv6 along with a challenge lab. The challenge lab consisted of summarizing two IPv6 addresses over OSPF. All in all it was very straight foreword, when it comes to configuring IPv6 I noticed that it's very similar to it's older brother IPv4 except the order you place commands and the way you implement them on your router device. I was very surprised honestly that it worked over the switch as well, I figured the GNS3 switch wouldn't understand how to interpret the IPv6 address in its MAC table but I was wrong thankfully.

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