Thursday, March 11, 2010

EIGRP Configuration, Bandwidth, and Adjacencies

I was able to tackle the second lab in the BSCI Lab Portfolio and I can already say with confidence that this book will help me greatly with my studies. I learned a few things between this lab and he first lab that I wouldn't of ever known or thought about. Last week was a very simple two router lab with basic static route configuration. However I learned something that I didn't even know these Cisco routers could do, and that's programming scripts. The Lab Portfolio goes over a neat little script that allows you to test ping configurations without having to go through and ping every interface over and over on each router to verify connectivity. Check out a preview of the script I used for the first lab below, it's called TCL Script and you can access it by typing the tclsh command when you are in enabled mode:

foreach address { } { ping $address }

It pretty much says for each IP address listed, ping it, as simple as that!

I finished my first EIGRP lab today and picked up some cool new commands such as the ping ip address repeat number of times command. Which you can ping an IP address as many times as needed, an example would be ping repeat 1000. This tells the router to ping 1000 times, great for testing experiments with routing protocols while packets are being sent across the network!.

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  1. Hey Shawn are you talking about the CiscoPress BSCI Lab Manual?

  2. Yup LBSources, that's the one, I recommend it to anyone studying for their BSCI!

  3. Yep - Excellent labs.. Be careful with the massive errors in the ISIS and BGP (epspecially) labs.

  4. Thanks for the heads up, I already noticed a few errors on one of the EIGRP labs, hoping to actually knock out another lab here shortly.