Sunday, March 28, 2010

CCNP OSPF lab Portfolio

I finally finished up the EIGRP section and I'm now moving through some of the OSPF labs. Right now the labs are just going over basics but I have learned a few new things that I never thought about when it came to OSPF. When configuring loopbacks with IP addresses and using OSPF as your routing protocol, If their aren't any specific Router ID's (RID) set, OSPF will use the Loopback address as the RID.

For example if I configured the loopback 1 interface with the IP address, the router would use this as the RID as well. So when you run the show ip route command, it shows up as /32 instead of the /24 that you have actually configured on the lo1 interface. to circumvent this, you should type in the interface command ip ospf network point-to-point which tells the router to treat the loop back interface as routing destination rather than a routing ID.


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    keep in touch and keep up the good works! ^_^