Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Progress on the first "Configure the Network" eBook

Thanks to all the people who replied and all of the positive responses so far for the CCNA Lab book. If you're interested in receiving a copy please sign up on the right with the mailing list I just created! I'm using this as a way to keep things organized as a ton of emails have flooded in and i don't want to mistakenly leave any one left out. as mentioned I am breaking this CCNA lab book into two parts for the ICND1 and ICND2 respectively. Below you'll see the rough draft of the outline I have created for the ICND1 labs. I'll also keep you updated via the mailing list so stay tuned!

I. Introduction

1. Configure the Network

2. Contoso Technologies

II. Contoso Task 1

1. Configure Client’s Cisco Switch

III. Contoso Task 2

1. Design and Configure Client’s SOHO Switch Network

2. Implement and Verify Switch Security Measures

IV. Contoso Task 3

1. Configure Client’s Cisco Router

V. Contoso Task 4

1. Configure Small Business Client’s LAN Network

2. Create DHCP Solution for LAN Network

3. Implement Solution to Access Remote Building’s Network

VI. Contoso Task 5

1. Develop LAN Network for College Campus Buildings

2. Provide Access to other Campus Buildings Using RIP

VII. Contoso Task 6

1. Configure Client’s T1 WAN Link

2. Change WAN Link for Multi-Vendor Use

3. Install Multi-Point Connection for Redundancy

VIII. Contoso Task 7

1. Build Cisco Inter-Network for Medium Business Client

Feel free to leave comments on what you would like to see on this lab!


  1. Love the idea, but just saw a little tiny problem with your choice of exercise names. Contoso is a company name used by Microsoft. They have registered the domain and I believe they have even registered the company name.

    I suggest a find and replace for some other fictitious name, make one up (but check you haven't accidently hit a real one).

    All the best,

  2. Thanks Dave i didn't know that Microsoft went through the trouble of registering Contoso, I will change that in the final version!