Sunday, January 31, 2010

Multiple AS BGP Lab

I spent this evening creating one of the bigger labs I usually do. My task was to setup a BGP network with 5 AS's in which every AS should be able to reach other loop-free (requirement of BGP anyways). I was also supposed to make Router C choose Router A to send its packets destined for AS 65004. Well I was able to get the BGP network up without to many hitches which is a long way than just a week or two ago. I however could not get my route-map statement for Router A to set the local preference to AS 65004 higher than Router B to work. I'm not sure why but as i finish up this chapter i will review why this command didn't take. I think it might have been the way I applied it to the BGP router configuration (had the route-map set to in instead of out). All in all I would say it was a pretty good success setting up a lab of this size without having to really reference the book for command guidance.

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