Saturday, January 2, 2010

IS-IS Configuration

Well i finally came across a lab for IS-IS, this is going to be a topic I'm going to have to come back and review a little harder for sure. The most confusing part about configuring IS-IS is remembering that a IS can only be in one area unlike OSPF but the interfaces on the IS can be set to send specific IIH PDU's (L1, L2, or both). There isn't an ABR like OSPF that sits in between two areas, also IS-IS doesn't use an area 0 bypassing hierarchy which allows for better scalability with IS-IS. I had some problems getting my loopback interfaces to connect via IS-IS even after redistributing my connected links into IS-IS I had problems. Tomorrow there's the end of chapter lab so hope fully i can better get my head wrapped around it! I also tested some SSH connections by setting up static host mappings using the ip host hostname ipaddress subnetmask command. I created loop back interfaces for my host ip address which as we know never shuts down compared to using a real serial or Ethernet interface. I want to start some security but I know my time will better spent focusing on the core CCNP topics. I'm going to have focus on all the topics presented thoroughly in order to pass the BSCI.

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