Thursday, October 8, 2009


The past few days I have been studying and practicing my VLAN and VTP skills. I am enjoying my studies a lot more now due to the fact that I don't have to rush and can take my time going at my own pace. I spent sometime playing with the Packet Tracer software from Cisco and never realized how good it really was. You can really do some cool stuff with it like creating a visio type diagram and log into the devices in real time. I created a VLAN lab that built on to itself starting by creating one switch in an office LAN closet with the 3 VLANs for Sales, Helpdesk, and Accounting. I then created another switch with the same VLANS then used VTP on the first switch to manage the VLAN's on both switches. Then obviously I needed to create a way for the VLANS to talk to each other since they were in their own subnets and since we all know switch's can't do Layer 3 routing (besides a L3 switch). I did the good ole Router-on-a-stick where we use a router's interface to create sub-interfaces and trunk 802.1q (or ISL) encapsulation over it's interface for all 3 VLANS. This was a good refresher!

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