Monday, October 19, 2009

CCNA Static Routing Review

Today and yesterday I did a lot of configuring for a static route lab. Everything went pretty smooth and I'm glad I remembered most of the commands without having to refer to any documentation. I even got pretty detailed with Packet Tracer and laid it all out in a purrty picture as you see off to the side in this post! I also played around with a lab from the website in regards to how RIPv1 routes IP's. Interestingly enough RIPv1 is smarter than what we give it credit for. You CAN route IP's that aren't a standard classful IP address and it is smart enough to determine the mask. However it will summarize the subnet if it's sent over a different class boundary, such as routing a class A address to a class C address, it will summarize the class A address before routing the packet. However if it's a class A network forwarding packets to another class A network it will know what the subnet mask is. Based on comparing it's IP network address to the other class A network addresses and will then take a best guess on what the subnet mask is.

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