Monday, October 26, 2009

Manual Summarization CCNA Lab

I ended up creating my own Manual Summarization lab this morning going by the examples in the CCNA ICND2 book. I started with creating 5 routers with one side being in the /16 network and the other side being in the /16 network with a few subnets on both sides using the /24 mask. I used the EIGRP routing protocol for this lab this time instead of OSPF protocol. Once I had all my routers up and running, interfaces configured, and EIGRP setup I had to think about the best way to summarize the address on both sides. I started by giving the ip summary-address eigrp 1 and ip summary-address eigrp 1 command on both sides.

However this wasn't the best way to manually summarize these networks because I was summarizing networks that didn't actually exist similar to how auto-summarization works. I had to not only calculate a range that would summarize all of the existing subnets on both sides but also summarize the least amount of non existing networks as possible. After going through the manual summarization strategy I was able to summarize all the way down to and on both sides. This accomplished both goals of summarizing the existing subnets and summarizing the least amount of non existing networks as possible. I spent quite a bit of time doing this lab so I wasn't able to get to the VLSM Lab this week but I will finish it before I move on to the access-list chapters, all in all a good day!

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