Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chapter IS-IS End of Chapter Lab

Today I finished up the short Chapter 6 lab on IS-IS and actually managed to get everything up and working this time. I'm still not sure why my other IS-IS lab wouldn't inject the routes correctly as I should so I'll probably run over that labs configuration again at some point. I also ended the chapter by finishing the multiple choice questions presented. As current CCNP's and above mentioned, the questions presented in the back of the book are CCNA level type of questions which really doesn't help enforce your command of the topics given.

I'm actually only 4 chapters away before finishing the entire book so I'm making really good progress thanks to the holidays I was able to get some extra study time in at work. Once i finish the study guide and go through the portable command-guide book I'm going to purchase the exam and lab guide and double up my studies. Once that's complete I'm going to hopefully fill in any gaps by going through any labs and CBT's from I can get my hands on along with going through white papers and RFC's. Repetition Repetition Repetition is the key to mastering and becoming successful with anything I believe, hopefully it pays off for the exam!

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