Sunday, October 25, 2009


I've just finished reviewing some VLSM and even OSPF (unexpectedly) this evening. I am still getting use to all the quirks with GNS3 such as actually saving your lab correctly! This was a 5 router lab setup with multiple tasks such as figuring out if any subnets over lapped which of course they did. I also had to set OSPF in a specific way on each router. For example one task required me to set one router with the RID of (I know easy stuff) and another task required me to set one routers interface in a different area. This was a pretty good lab and it was good because it got me to think about the path a packet takes when using OSPF and how routers uses its algorithm to determine this. I also went through some of the concepts regarding manipulating interface path costs that OSPF uses to determine a packets route. Tomorrow I'm doing another big VLSM lab and finishing up the chapter with manual route summarization review!

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