Saturday, February 20, 2010

Policy-Based Routing

Now that I finished the main book for BSCI, I'm now reviewing everything I learned and will spend most of my time creating labs and touching up the details. But before I do to much, Cisco was kind enough to include 5 extra Appendix PDF files to learn about some technology in even more detail. This is mainly appendixes on how to manipulate packets and even more BGP no surprise! I hear that in order to fully be perpared for the BSCI you have to dig even deeper than what the Self Study Guide book provides. This includes everything from reading white papers, CBT's, and creating labs for pretty much ANYTHING related to the exam.

Today I learned a little bit about Policy Based Routing (PBR) which is basically route-maps on steroids. Similar to how there are access-lists and then extended access-lists (access-list on steroids), PBR allows you to maniplulate routes in a more granular manner. Tomorrow I'll be finishing this appendix up and moving to the last few that are left.

Don't forget to download my FREE CCNA Lab book for the ICND1 course at while it's still available. The full version of the lab book is FINISHED and ready to sell, I'm just working on some things on the back end. The full lab contains 17 scenario based CCNA labs that will test your theory on every topic included in the CCNA

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