Thursday, May 7, 2009

And so it has Began...

Hello everyone this is the very beginning to a long and hopefully exciting new adventure. My name is Shawn Moore and to put it briefly I have decided to take the journey through a winding road to become a Cisco Certified Engineer. The point of this blog is to document my every step or at least nearly every step and share it with anyone else who might also be considering this journey as well. I sure there's going to be ups, downs, bumps, and hills to climb but I finally feel as if I've made the decision on where I want my life to go and the Trek I've chosen is exactly what I was looking for. So stayed tuned everyone there should be lots of updates on not only where I'm at so far in my in my adventure but also other goodies that will entertain and also hopefully enlighten others about the journey through Cisco!

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