Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Prepping Hardware and Software for CIPT1

While I'm preparing to schedule my test for CVoice and hoping for a first time pass; I'm also getting my ESXi server ready for CIPT1. I already have the domain controller installed along with the CUCM 8.5 Publisher server. I'm hoping that I have enough time today to get the CUCM Subscriber started. I will say that it's very tricky getting CUCM install up and going and it's quick to error out if your system doesn't meet it's "hardware requirements"; at least in VMware.

I used the following template settings to get this to work:

Linux Red Hat (32-bit)
1 Virtual Processor
80 GB Hard drive (SAS 0:0)

I believe it's picky about both the OS settings and the hard drive settings the most. Once the Publisher was up and running I took a snapshot, shut her down, decreased the memory to 1 GB and booted her back up. Cisco gave an error message about them not being responsible for me not using the recommended equipment but it booted right up!


  1. hey Sean - what server hardware are you using? I'm taking my CCNA Voice soon, I have hardawre but I'm not spinning up a CUCM cluster for it as I work with it everyday. I'm already planning for my NP Voice which is why I'm wondering about hardware. thanks!

  2. I was lucky and we had some left over Cisco 7800 Series MCS servers from last year since we moved everything to the Cisco UCS. I just loaded up some extra hard drive space on the secondary Unity server we had and a way I went. If I wasn't able to get that server I was just gonna build a $500 PC and call it a day. Really the $500 PC would be a lot faster than the MCS but you can't beat a free server lol. Best of luck on your studies

  3. Thanks, I'll probably just build a fast PC and go that route. How was the UCS conversion? We have a 7.x cluster and have an upgrade to 8.X on UCS on our roadmap for later this year.

  4. Not too bad but we had a Cisco Vendor come in to assist with the cut over. I will say that we worked a 20 hour day, went home for a few hours and came back to knock out any remaining issues so that was rough.