Saturday, January 7, 2012

Configuring Digit Manipulation

Spent about 3-4 hours labbing many different call routing scenarios and testing out as many technologies as I can. Along with cleaning up and configuring some high availability scenarios between both my HQ and Branch site in case the WAN goes down. I also setup correct caller-id information over PSTN so instead of just sending out the extension CLID (Caller-id) info it prefixes the area code and CO code as well.

Tomorrow will be another long session, going to deep dive into TEHO, site-codes, Toll-Free Bypass, and if I have time basic over of Class of Restriction (COR) but I'm betting I'll be worn out by time I get to that section.

I want to knock out the rest of this chapter before my employer ships me out to Houston, TX to begin provisioning our new remote DR site. I'll be out there for at least two weeks and I'm afraid I'm going to loose momentum if I can't get good lab time in so I want to get to the upcoming theory chapters ASAP. Thankfully I'll have plenty of IPExpert videos to go through and if I time it right I should be able to complete the Gatekeeper and first QoS chapter while I'm away.


  1. I'm still going back and reading your past blogs (from the start until now). Forgive me, are you going for the CCNP voice now or CCNA Voice? Also, what book are you using right now to study?

  2. I took the old version of CCNA Voice back in January 2011 so that I could knock out the prerequisite before the big voice certification update. I'm using the Fourth Edition version of "Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Voice over IP and QoS (CVOICE)" by Kevin Wallace which covers the newest CCNP: Voice cert.

    Really I just recommend getting the $10 a month online book subscription at and go through the reading material that way along with the Cisco SRND's and etc if needed. There still appears to be a shortage of study material for this cert which sucks.