Sunday, December 4, 2011

Crossed the 100 page Marker in CVoice

I knocked out about 30 pages in the CVoice book today. The topics covered the various types of controller configurations using T1's, E1's, BRI's, and PRI's. I also went over a brief overview of Echo and Echo cancellation. There were a bunch of examples of different controller scenarios and I attempted to tackle as many as I could. For some reason I didn't have BRI commands available on my routers but that's alright as I doubt I ever use this in the real world. Once all was said and done, I threw back on the original configuration and placed my test calls. The next section dives into DSP's, I'm 128 pages in so far, the book is a little over 600.


  1. keep going man. i took CVOICE 6.0 and I remember it was cold and dry. it was the worse of the 5 exams, IPT2 ran a strong second. once i got over CVOICE it was downhill.

  2. I really appreciate it, I know I have a long road ahead of me.