Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Officially CCNA: Voice Certified!

Woohoo...I haven't posted in a while but I've been doing some major reviewing along with tearing down and building up my home lab about 5-10 more times over the last 4 weeks. I took my test today and passed with quite a bit or margin compared to my CCNA exam. My worst section was the UC520 platform which I figured, there's just something wrong about trying to learn about information that's nothing more than a sales pitch.


  1. Congratulations mate, onwards and upwards, whats next on the list?

  2. Congrats Shawn! .. Great way to start the new year! Glad to see you're still at it :)

  3. Thanks, I'm on the fence on if I want to get my CCNP or CCNP:Voice. CCNP Voice is based on version 8 CUCM which is what I'm going to be upgrading our current environment to anyways within the next 9 months. However I'm still interested in the pure routing and switching stuff at this point in my life.