Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chapter 5 Configuration Lab

I'm finally doing with Chapter 5 learning about OSPF and how to tune it specifically to your needs. Next up is a totally new technology for me IS-IS (Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System) Protocol. All I know about it so far is that it's a link-state protocol and word on the street is that it's way simplier than OSPF! I'm betting so since this chapter is only about 60 pages compared to the two 70 page chapters on OSPF. I plan on doing the end of chapter multiple choic answers here shortly or tonight and messing around with som OSPF labs I'm finding on the website


  1. Welcome to Sadikhov!

    Nice to see a firmly motivated soul-mate...

    Let me know if I can be of assistance somehow.


  2. Thanks Darby, you're kind of like a local legend within the Cisco community I hear, I'll keep in touch!