Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Smart Business Communications System

I finally knocked out the book for the CCNA:Voice this evening, the last two chapters were based on the Smart Business Communications System (SBCS). To be honest both chapters felt like one huge sales pitch but there was some useful information that I'm sure will be on the exam. As far as I understand, the SBCS suite is based around the Cisco UC500 product family and how they interconnect between each other.

The main player within the SBCS is the UC520 ISR which is pretty slick within itself, especially if you're a non-Cisco person. It enables you to have a router, firewall, POE switch, PBX, Wireless, and many other features within one small device. The UC520 itself seems fairly straightforward, especially with the web based GUI tool called Cisco Configuration Assistant (CCA). Now that I finish these last few chapters it's time to review over the next few weeks and then exam time!

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