Tuesday, July 19, 2011

End of the EIGRP Chapter (TCP/IP Vol I)

I cruised through the EIGRP chapter which refreshed my memory on a bunch of topics that escaped me. Such as the default metric calculations used when calculating the best routes along with topics such as Feasible Successors, SIA (Stuck-in-Active), and k values. I went through the configuration exercises which were surprisingly not that complex considering the book is supposed to help prepare you for CCIE. All they asked were to configure 5 routers with EIGRP using the process-id 5, create a authentication key between router A and B, and summarize the routes as much as possible.

Tomorrow I'll knock out the troubleshooting section and report back on what that was like time permitting. This has been one of the most helpful chapters so far since we still use EIGRP in our network but not near as much since migrating to a different vendor which uses strictly BGP for connecting WAN's.

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