Sunday, February 14, 2010

IPv6 OSPF Configuration

Today I configured a simple OSPF network using Ipv6 as my routed protocol. When using IPv6 to create an OSPF network, there are many differences and also similarities with IPv4. The main difference is obviously you're using the IPv6 format instead of the traditional 32 bit addressing scheme. Another difference involves having to manually create a 32 bit Router ID, this was optional in IPv4 but it is required for IPv6. One other thing I noticed is that you can implement OSPF on specific interfaces (links) rather than for specific subnets. Tomorrow I will be finishing up the last of the IPv6 theory which talks about transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6. Only a few more pages and I'll actually be completly finished with the self study guide! After I finish this book, the next step for me will be going through the lab and exam books to tidy up on everything l learned and prepare to take the BSCI test in the next coming months.

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